Set up a project | 3 - Create and configure allocations

To create allocations in the zeuz control panel, complete the following steps.

Step 1: Create an allocation

To create allocations in the zeuz control panel:

  1. In the zeuz control panel, go to the Allocations page (Orchestration > Allocations).
  2. Click + ADD ALLOCATION.
  3. Complete the fields using the guidance below.

Basic Information

  • Description: Enter a description for the allocation so that you can differentiate it from any other allocations.

  • Region: Select the regions in which you have server hardware machines (bare metal machines or cloud servers) located.

See the Add allocation and Allocations pages for more information.

Payload Definition

  • Image: Select the game image you uploaded in Step 2 - Upload your game image.

  • Command:

    • binaryactivename

      Replace NAME_OF_YOUR_BINARY with the name of the executable (binary) file which launches the payload.

    • binaryexecpath

      Replace PATH_TO_YOUR_BINARY with the path to your game’s executable (binary) file. Do not change the start of the path.

    • execargs

      Use this line to add settings to the payload such as ports to use (required), identification variables (required), and other optional variables.

See the Payload definition and Allocations pages for more information.

Hardware Configuration

You choose the hardware configuration based on the bare-metal machines you have arranged with zeuz.

  • The Hardware configuration : Min machine spec column is where you add the specification of bare-metal machines you are using. If you are using cloud server only, this does not apply, so do not change the default values. If you are using bare-metal machines, you get this information from zeuz support.

  • The Hardware configuration : Payload quota column is where you set the number of payload instances you want to run on your server hardware machines (bare-metal machines and cloud server). You can leave it as default or change the values.

    With zeuz, you can set up the most efficient configuration to get the maximum payloads for each server hardware machine (bare metal machine or cloud server).

  • Hardware configuration : Payloads per machine: zeuz calculates the payloads for each server hardware machine (bare-metal machines or cloud server) based on your settings. For maximum efficiency, you want as many payload instances per machine as possible, depending on the requirements of your game server.

    You can experiment with different values for this to work out which is the most efficient.

See the Hardware configuration and Allocations pages for more information.

Scaling Rules

The scaling rules you set up tell the zeuz scaler what server hardware (bare-metal machines or cloud server) to allocate. The scaler bases this on the number of game servers (measured in “payloads”) you have running and the number of payloads you have on standby.

The Payload scaling page provides an overview of this and an example implementation.

See the Scaling rules and Allocations pages for more information on how to complete these fields.

Step 2: Save and enable the allocation

  1. After you have completed the fields, make sure you save your updates: click SAVE in the top right of the page.

    Note: The allocation might take a few seconds to display on the page.

  2. On the same page, enable the allocation: toggle STATUS : DISABLED to ENABLED.

    (Click OK in the Enable Allocation confirmation dialog box.)

    zeuz now assigns your server hardware machines (bare-metal machine and/or cloud server, depending on what you have set up with your account).

Step 3: Check the server hardware machines are running

  1. In the zeuz control panel, go to the Machines page (Orchestration > Machines).

  2. This page displays the server hardware machine’s CPU usage.

Note: When you use cloud server, this can take several minutes to display on the page. This is due to the time it takes for cloud servers to spin up. If you don’t see any active machines CPU usage on the page after five minutes, see “No Active Machines?” below.

Image: The Machines page on the zeuz control panel, showing CPU usage

No Active Machines?

You might need to refresh the page.

Make sure you copied the text correctly in the Payload Definition : Command field on the Allocations page.

If you’re using bare-metal machines, make sure the Hardware configuration : Min machine spec matches what is allocated to you. For example, you might have 4 core bare-metal machines but have entered 8 in the Core count/Min.machine spec field.


If you can see data under Active Machines on this page, you have successfully set up zeuz orchestration! zeuz is ready to spin up a game servers of your game. Now you can test your client-server connection.

Now go to 4 - Test the client-server connection.

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