Set up a project | 4 - Test the client-server connection

To test the client-server connection, get the server hardware machine’s IP address and port. You will use these when you connect your client.

Image: The Payloads : Edit page on the zeuz control panel, showing IP and the port you created when you set up the allocation

To do this:

  1. Go to the Payloads page (Orchestration > Payloads) in the zeuz control panel.

  2. In the list at the bottom of the page, locate the payload(s) you have just set up.

  3. Click MANAGE to display the Payload : Edit page (shown above).

  4. In the Payload : Edit page, under Basic Information, locate the details for the IP address and the port, as shown above.

    • Make a note of the IP address, and the port number for the port called PortName.

    • You do not need to update anything on this page.

  5. Now run your game client referencing the IP and port number.

You have completed the Set up a project guide.


Whenever you no longer need an allocation, make sure you stop it.

To stop it:

  1. Go to the Allocations page (Orchestration > Allocations) in the zeuz control panel.
  2. Toggle the allocation status from ENABLED to DISABLED.

Note: When you disable an allocation, zeuz only stops payload instances whose game server is not hosting a game session. Any payload instances whose game server is hosting a game session with players connected to it continues to run.

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