Create or edit an allocation

To create an allocation, you define a payload, specify a hardware configuration and define scaling rules to run your game in one or more regions.

Note: Before you create an allocation, you need to ensure that you have uploaded and published an image using zeuz tool.

Upload and publish an image

Before you can create your first allocation, you must upload and publish one or more images using zeuz tool. See the zeuz tool : Upload an image documentation for guidance.

Once you upload and publish an image, zeuz containerizes the uploaded files which make up the image and adds the containerized image to the zeuz registry. When this is complete, the containerized image appears on the Allocation : Create page in the zeuz control panel. You can then select it when you define a payload as part of creating an allocation.

You can upload a new version of an existing image (with the same filename) to update an image.

If you need help getting started with this process, contact zeuz Support.

Create an allocation

To create an allocation:

  1. In the zeuz control panel, go to Orchestration > Allocations.
  2. Click +ADD ALLOCATION. This displays the Allocation : Create page:

Image: The Allocation : Create page in the zeuz control panel

Edit an allocation

You can only edit one allocation at a time.

To edit an allocation:

  1. In the zeuz control panel, go to Orchestration > Allocations.
  2. In the list of allocations, click the MANAGE link to the right of the allocation that you want to edit. This displays the Allocation : Edit page.

Allocation details

You can add and update the following allocation details:

Basic information

Complete the Description and Region fields in the Basic Information section. These fields are required: although you can continue without completing them, if you leave them empty you might not create a usable allocation.


Enter a description for your allocation so that you can differentiate it from any other allocations.


The region is where your zeuz server hardware is located, so we recommend that you select the region in which your players are located. You must select at least one region.


You can select multiple regions, but for greater control over your allocation configuration, we recommend that you create a separate allocation for each region in which you have players.

If you select more than one region for an allocation, the allocation is applied once per region, which increases the resources used for your deployment.

For example, if you assign two payloads to an allocation with three regions, your orchestration will use six payloads. Depending on your hardware specification and scaling rules, these six payloads may require multiple machines.

If you have players in the USA, we recommend that you create two separate allocations for US-EAST and US-WEST due to the ping speeds, to avoid potential network latency problems.

Other sections

Complete the other sections on the page to finish configuring your allocation:


Click the SAVE button at the top of the page to save the allocation. You can click CANCEL to return to the main Allocations page.

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