Hardware configuration

You define a hardware configuration as part of creating an allocation. In the zeuz control panel go to Orchestration > Allocations and click +ADD ALLOCATION. See Create an allocation for more information.

The zeuz scaler chooses servers from your inventory, based on the options you set in Scaling rules.

Minimum machine spec and payload quota

Specify the following:

  • Min. machine spec: The minimum hardware specification that the scaler chooses for this allocation.
    • The scaler does not start any servers that are lower than this specification.
  • Payload quota: The resources you need for a single payload.
    • The scaler uses these settings to determine how many payloads can run on each server.
    • When a payload is about to start, if no active server has enough capacity then the scaler starts a new server.
    • The scaler selects bare-metal machines over cloud servers until no more are available, then it selects cloud servers for subsequent payloads.

Different payload quotas for bare-metal and cloud

You can optionally specify different payload quotas for bare-metal machines and cloud servers to optimise the performance you get from your servers. This helps to ensure that:

  • You make full use of the resources of your bare-metal machines.
  • Your cloud servers have enough resources.

Use this feature to ensure that the scaler allocates more resources on your cloud servers than on your bare-metal machines. This can compensate for a performance difference between the bare-metal machines and cloud servers.

To use the feature, select Different Payload Quota for Cloud, then enter the resource details for bare-metal and cloud payloads.

Hardware and payload quota properties

Specify the properties of the minimum hardware specification and payload quotas as follows:

  • Core count:
    • Min. machine spec.: The minimum number of vcores (range 1-32). You can set this value using increments of 1.
    • Payload quota / Bare-metal and Payload quota / Cloud: The minimum number of vcores (range 0.05-32). You can set this value using 0.05 increments.
  • Clock rate (Mhz): The server’s clock rate in Mhz (range 900-5200).
  • Memory (MB): The amount of RAM on the server (range 4096-65536).
  • Storage (GB): The amount of drive space on the server in GB (range 5-1000).
  • IO bandwidth (MBps): The speed at which the binary reads from the disk and writes to the disk in MBps (range 10-6000).
  • Internet bandwidth (MBps): The amount of Internet bandwidth on the server in MBps (range 1-1000).

Note: 20% of the available Core count, 256MB of available memory and 5GB of available storage are reserved for system operations. A warning displays if you attempt to allocate these reserved resources.

Other sections

Ensure you have completed the other sections on the page, to finish configuring your allocation:


Click the SAVE button at the top of the page to save the allocation. You can click CANCEL to return to the main Allocations page.

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