Orchestration introduction

zeuz orchestration is the configuration of your game’s hosting on bare-metal machines, cloud servers, or Hybrid Cloud.

You use the zeuz control panel to configure your orchestration setup, by creating host allocations based on scaling rules.

Server hardware types

You can choose to host your game on bare-metal machines, cloud servers or a combination of the two (Hybrid Cloud).

See the pricing page for information on the server hardware types, to help you decide on the best option or combination for your game.


An allocation defines the hardware configuration, payload and scaling to run your orchestration, as well as the geographic regions to which the rules apply.

The zeuz scaler manages orchestration. It uses your allocations to determine how to scale up and down in line with your game’s requirements, by adding or removing bare-metal machines and/or cloud servers.

See the allocations page for more information and create an allocation for details on how to configure your allocations.

2020-dec-17 Page updated with editorial review.

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