Set up zeuz with Tencent

To use Tencent Cloud with zeuz, you must create a Tencent user that allows zeuz to access the Tencent API.

See the Server hosting page for information on all hosting options zeuz offers.

Before you begin

Before you begin to set up your Tencent user for zeuz, ensure that you have:

  • A Tencent Cloud account with administrator access to the console.
  • Cloud servers configured in Tencent Cloud.

Create a Tencent user for zeuz

To create a Tencent user and generate credentials for zeuz:

  1. Log into the Tencent Cloud console:

    Chinese version

    International version

  2. Go to Cloud Access Management.

  3. Follow the Tencent documentation to create a custom sub-user. Ensure that you select the following options:

    • User type: Access resources and receive messages.

    • Access method: Programmatic access.

      Programmatic access enables the SecretId and SecretKey you need to allow zeuz to access Tencent Cloud.

    • Strategy: QcloudCVMFullAccess.

      zeuz requires this strategy. You can also select any other strategies (policies) that you require.

  4. Make a note of the displayed SecretId and SecretKey. You can also access these details in the API Key section of the user account.

Configure zeuz to use Tencent Cloud

To configure zeuz to use your Tencent cloud servers:

  1. In the zeuz control panel, click your login name (or the three dots, if they appear instead) at the top right to open the drop-down menu, then click Cloud Connections.
  2. Enable Tencent Cloud and enter the SecretId and SecretKey of your Tencent zeuz user.
  3. Click Save.

zeuz is now configured to access your Tencent cloud servers.

Check your Tencent Cloud quota

When you set up your Tencent cloud configuration, ensure that you have sufficient storage and CPUs to cover the maximum number of instances zeuz can provision for your allocations.

See the Tencent documentation on use limits for more information.

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