Server hosting

You can choose from the following server hosting options for your game. With all options, zeuz provides payload management, orchestration and support.

We recommend that you use Hybrid Cloud with a combination of zeuz-managed bare-metal machines and zeuz-managed cloud servers. This is the most flexible option.

zeuz-managed hosting

zeuz-managed hosting can be more cost-effective for session-based games than using cloud server providers only. zeuz offers the following:

  • zeuz-managed bare-metal machines

  • zeuz-managed cloud machines There are two types of zeuz-managed cloud machine:
    - reserved cloud machine
    - on-demand cloud machine

Info: More about zeuz-managed bare-metal machines

zeuz works with a large network of regional and global bare-metal machine infrastructure partners to deliver the best performance in each region in which we operate. Our partners must fulfil strict requirements that include offering infrastructure that is geographically close to our gamers, to minimize latency and maximize uptime.

Our contracts with infrastructure partners include 24/7/365 incident response to provide zeuz customers with security and reliability.

Contact zeuz Customer Support (contact: to set up zeuz-managed hosting.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of hosting your game on bare-metal machines and on cloud servers. With Hybrid Cloud, you can scale your server resources efficiently and cost-effectively, depending on user demand for your game.

See the Hybrid Cloud page for more information.

Your own account with a cloud server provider

zeuz works with the following cloud server providers:


See the Pricing page for information on how we charge for the various server hosting options.

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