Get started | 2 - Get the test project and SDK download

You get the zeuz test project and SDK download together.

  1. Go to the zeuz download page, read the terms of service and check the box to accept them.

  2. Click the latest omnibus package to download it ( (approximately 100MB); it includes everything available to download, including:

    • The zeuz test project.
    • The zeuz tool CLI which you use to upload your game assembly later in this tutorial.
  3. Once the download is complete, unzip the package.

Note: You use the omnibus package in this tutorial for simplicity. Usually, you can download either the omnibus package or the smaller package for your operating system.

About the zeuz test project

The zeuz test project is a directory inside the zeuz SDK download’s zeuz_tutorials directory. The zeuz test project directory is get_started_test_project.

Later in this tutorial, you use the get_started_test_project directory and its contents as a test game image.

The get_started_test_project directory contains the following:

  • The test project’s game server executable file,, which launches an HTTP game server.
  • Two asset files relevant to the game client (favicon.ico and index.html).
    Later in this tutorial, you are going to use your browser as a game client. The test game server will serve these files to your browser.

INFO: What’s a game image? How is it related to a game assembly?

A game image (also referred to as an “image”, or “game server image”), is a containerized version of your game assembly.

A game assembly is a directory that contains all the files needed to run your game server. The game assembly includes details of your game’s executable (binary) file and its dependencies. When you upload your game assembly to the zeuz orchestration service, you also containerize the game assembly. Then it becomes a “game image”. A game image includes the settings that zeuz uses during your game server’s deployment to start and stop the game server.

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INFO: Why do I need the zeuz SDK download? What's in it?

The SDK download contains the zeu tool CLI. You are going to use the zeuz tool CLI to upload your game assembly to the server hardware. You use the other contents of the SDK download when you set up your own game with zeuz.

Contents of the zeuz SDK download (omnibus)
The zeuz SDK download contains:

  • The API Reference: The zeuz base API documentation.
  • API wrappers for Unreal and Unity.
  • zeuz tool: A CLI you use for zeuz orchestration, specifically to upload your game server executable file and its dependencies (referred to as the “game assembly”). (You can use zeuz tool to run commands with the zeuz base API from the command line on your development machine.)
  • Example implementations of zeuz integration in the following:
    • An Unreal Sample .uproject
    • A Unity Test Scene
  • A zeuz game integration with Unreal Blueprints.
  • An SDK in Go.
  • JavaScript example scripts that call the zeuz base API.
  • zeuz sample: An example of how to work with allocations and payloads with the SDK in Go. You can run this example on a variety of operating systems.
  • zeuz tutorial assets including the zeuz test project game assembly.

Setting up your own game and the zeuz base API
You can integrate your own game project with zeuz from any game engine or programming language through the zeuz base API which uses HTTP. You can find API reference documentation in the SDK download and on the documentation website’s API Reference section.

The SDK download also contains zeuz base API wrappers for Unity and Unreal, an SDK in Go, and examples of how to use the base API with JavaScript.

Note: If you are using Unity, Unreal or Go, you can use the base API directly, you do not have to use the Unity or Unreal wrappers, or the SDK in Go.

API alternative to zeuz tool CLI
You can upload a game assembly with the zeuz base API endpoint ImageManager. See the API Reference for further information.

Find out more in the documentation on:

Now go to 3 - Set up server hosting.

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