More about zeuz

zeuz provides managed orchestration as part of a suite of game server operations. zeuz orchestration enables you to scale your multiplayer game’s hosting on zeuz bare-metal machines or a combination of bare-metal machines and cloud server.

Why choose zeuz?

With zeuz there is no need to provision your own dedicated servers. The zeuz scaler allocates bare-metal machines or cloud servers to your game’s hosting provision, and adds or removes them as your game server workload changes.

How can I get started with zeuz?

Follow the Get started tutorial to set up hosting for a session-based test project with zeuz server hardware orchestration tools. We recommend that you follow this tutorial before you set up a project.

When you have completed the Get started tutorial, you can use the tools in the zeuz SDK to integrate your game with zeuz. See the Set up a project guide and the README.txt file in the unzipped SDK package for more information.

Find out more

See the following pages to learn more about zeuz benefits, functionality and pricing:

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