Release notes

zeuz has recently issued the following updates to the zeuz control panel (ZCP), SDK and API. We release regular updates to improve zeuz features, performance, and stability.

ZCP updates are available next time you log in. Go to the zeuz SDKs page to download the latest SDK/API package.


October 18 - 29


October 4 - October 15

During this period we deployed minor fixes and updates to improve zeuz features, performance, and stability. These changes don’t directly affect the way you use zeuz features or the zeuz control panel (ZCP).

September 20 - October 1


  • The payload runner now logs more detailed error messages to the zeuz log files when it fails to unreserve a payload.

September 6 - 17


  • The zeuz control panel (ZCP) now correctly redirects back to the login page on session expiry from pages with charts (for example, the Dashboard, Machines, Payloads, and KPIs pages).

More information

See’s HTTP status code definitions for more information on status codes.

See the API Reference for information on zeuz API endpoints.

For information on previous releases, contact zeuz support.

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