zeuz tool

You can use the zeuz tool CLI to perform a number of operations with game images:

  • Upload a game image (push)

  • Discard an uploaded game image (push_discard)

  • Create a container (push_publish)

  • Download game image files (pull)

  • List the game images associated with a project and environment (images)

zeuz tool is included in the zeuz SDK download for your operating system.


You must authenticate to zeuz tool before you can run zeuz tool commands.


To log in to zeuz tool, use auth_login with one of the following:

  • zeuz Developer username and password: Can run commands for multiple zeuz projects.

    See Developers for more information.

  • API key and API password: Can only run commands for the project in which the API key was created.

    See API keys for more information.

    Note: Use the option isapi=true with this authentication method.

Note: If you create an API key in the zeuz control panel (ZCP), use the API Key displayed in the ZCP as the login. The password is the password you set when you created the API key. See API keys for more information.

Image: The API Keys page in the zeuz control panel.


zeuztool auth_login login="gl9xrFUAU..." password="my_password" isapi=true endpoint="https://zcp.zeuz.io/api/v1"
zeuztool auth_login login="example@email.com" password="my_password" endpoint="https://zcp.zeuz.io/api/v1"

Note: You might need to “escape” special characters when using zeuz tool, for example in your password. See Wikipedia: Escape character for more information.


You can perform actions on your game images by using the following commands.

Info: Sticky parameters

The following parameters are “sticky”, so you only need to enter them once during a session. zeuz tool retains the parameters for subsequent commands:

  • endpoint
  • env
  • proj


zeuztool push proj="your_zeuz_project_ID" env="your_zeuz_environment_ID" directory="path/to/your_project"

Uploads your project’s game image. Note that your project’s game image must be a directory.

You can find your_zeuz_project_ID and your_zeuz_environment_ID on the left panel in the zeuz control panel.

To update a game image you’ve already uploaded, use the push command to upload a new version of the files in the same path.


zeuztool push_discard proj="your_zeuz_project_ID" env="your_zeuz_environment_ID"

Discards a pushed (uploaded) image. If you use the push command to upload an image, but you want to upload an updated version of the same image before you push_publish, you must use push_discard first, to delete the previously uploaded files.


zeuztool push_publish description="your-project-description" version="x.x.x" proj="your_zeuz_project_ID" env="your_zeuz_environment_ID"

Creates a container of the game image you’ve uploaded with the push command. You can enter any alpha-numeric characters for the description and any numbers for the version.

The container that zeuz creates from your game image is your game’s payload.

Note: If zeuz tool displays an error about file length inconsistency, re-run the push command and then re-run push_publish.


zeuztool pull proj="your_zeuz_project_ID" env="your_zeuz_environment_ID" imageid="your_image_id" directory="path/to/downloaded_files"

Downloads the game image files associated with the specified image ID. You can use the images command to find your image ID.


zeuztool images proj="your_zeuz_project_ID" env="your_zeuz_environment_ID"

Lists the game images associated with the specified project and environment IDs.

Example output:

Zeuz Tool 0.1.51 67d9a3d227215cbff0d731bb1cdb137046621be2
Load LocalConfig: /Users/Myuser/Library/zeuz.io/zeuzcmd.json

Listing images in project: gzbwHFtAwfcxeIDlvzprFczzeCG  
- environment: xZucKixUWdQwaUjdKSldwbZwvYz

Created: 2021-03-11 18:39:52.118374 +0000 UTC
Description: image_1
Version: 1.0.0
ID: 4dd3d07d5438982d1f549b5ac6b76d4894ba12768f
URL: 036048815063.dkr.ecr.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/gameserver/gzbwhftawfcxeidlvzprfczzecg-xzuckixuwdqwaujdksldwbzwvyz:4dd3d07d5438982d3611f549b5ac6b76946d4894ba12768f

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