API keys

You can generate an API key in the zeuz control panel (ZCP) or using the zeuz API. You can use an API key to authenticate your access to the zeuz API and to log into zeuz tool.

For details about setting up API authentication, see:

If you log into the zeuz tool CLI using an API key, you can only run commands for the zeuz project in which the API key was created. See zeuz tool for more details.

Create an API key

Via the ZCP

To create an API key in the ZCP:

  1. Log into the ZCP with your Developer profile.

  2. Click your login name (or the three dots, if they appear instead) at the top right to open the drop-down menu, and select API Keys.

  3. Click Create and enter a new Title and a new Password.

    This is a new password, which is different from your Developer profile ZCP login password. It gives access to the API key.

    Note: Make a note of the API key password, as you can’t see it in the saved API key details.

  4. Click Save.

Via the zeuz base API

You can also create an API key with the apikey_generate zeuz API endpoint. See apikey_generate for more information.

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