A zeuz account is a company-based account with one or more user profiles called Developers. Developers use the zeuz control panel (ZCP) and the zeuz API to configure and manage projects. Some Developer profiles have Manager rights which gives extra functionality:

  • Developer (standard access): Can access all projects created in a zeuz account, and some API endpoints. See Authorization for more information. A Developer can also create and delete zeuz projects.
  • Manager (Developer with administrator rights): A Developer with administrator rights, who can invite new Developers, revoke access and edit Developer information.

You create Developer profiles in the ZCP or via the zeuz base API.

Create a Developer profile

Via the ZCP

To create a new Developer profile in the ZCP, you must be logged in as a Developer with Manager (administrator) rights.

  1. In the ZCP, click your login name (or the three dots, if they appear instead) at the top right to open the drop-down menu, then click Developers.
  2. Click SEND INVITATION and enter an email address and name.
  3. Check the Manager option if you want to enable administrator rights for this Developer profile.
  4. SEND the invitation.
  5. Click the link in the email to complete the registration.

Via the zeuz base API

You can also create a Developer profile with the API endpoint account_developercreate. See account_developercreate for more information. To enable Manager rights, set the Developer profile’s AccountRole property to 1.

Use a Developer profile to access the API

If you want to use a Developer profile to directly access the zeuz base API, you must first generate a password-hash using the Developer username and password. See Step 2: Create and encode a password-hash in API login for more information.

See API authentication overview for more information about zeuz base API authentication.

You can use Developer profile details to access some API endpoints. See Authorization for more information. If you want to call the API from your game or from a service, you need to generate an API key.

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