A machine is the server hardware that hosts one or more game server instances, and can have one of the following statuses:

Machine statusDescription
ActiveThe machine is running on zeuz and has at least one active payload hosting a game session.
ProvisioningThe machine is being created and is in the process of connecting to zeuz.
DeprovisioningThe machine is being shut down as it has no active payloads.
FinishedThe cloud server machine is deleted, or
The bare-metal machine is available in the resource pool to support reserved, unreserved and active payloads.

View machines

In the zeuz control panel (ZCP), you can view machine performance metrics and information for a specific environment. You select the environment using the projects drop-down on the top menu.

Image: Projects drop-down on the ZCP top menu showing the selected environment.

Machine navigation options

You can view machine information using the following navigation options in the ZCP:

Menu option on the left-hand panelPurposeNavigation
MachinesTo view information for all machines in the selected environment.On the Machines page, click VIEW beside a machine to view detailed information about it on the Machine : View page.

For more information, see View machine details
AllocationsTo view machine information for a specific allocation.On the Allocations page, click MANAGE beside an allocation then click MACHINES on the Allocation : Edit page.

This displays the Machines page. Click VIEW to see detailed machine information. For more information, see View machine details.

On the Machines page, you can use filters to view information about specific machines; see Filter machines for more information.

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