View machine details

You can view the details of a machine, such as its allocation, specification, and payloads.

To view machine details:

  1. On the zeuz control panel (ZCP), navigate to the Machines page and click VIEW beside a machine to open the Machine : View page.
  2. On the Machine : View page, you can view detailed machine information.
  3. You can click PAYLOADS to view payloads for the machine. See the Payloads page for more information.

This shows machine information in the following four regions:

  • Basic Information: Shows the machine type and its allocation’s region.
  • Machine Spec: Shows the machine specification using the same attributes as used in the allocation.
  • General: Shows IDs for the machine and allocation, the machine’s IP address, and Tags describing the machine status.
  • Machine Info: Shows performance and usage data for the machine. See View machine metrics for details.

Image: Machine : View page.

View machine details using the zeuz API

You can also use the following zeuz API endpoints to retrieve machine details:

Machine detaisAPI endpoint
Number of resources assigned for an accountmachine_countresources
Listing of machines and information about themmachine_get
Information about specific machines, including their specificationmachine_getinfo

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