Filter payload

You can use filters to view information about specific payloads.

  1. On the zeuz control panel (ZCP), navigate to the Payloads page. You can view the Payloads page using different navigation options; see Payload navigation options.
  2. Use the filters to display information for the payloads that you’re interested in.

The Payloads page shows the following filters:

Image: Payloads page showing available filters.

The following table describes each filter:

STATUSSelect one of the following to view payloads with this status:

  • Active (default value)

  • All

  • Inactive

  • Reserved

  • Unreserved

REGIONSelect a region to view payloads for allocations in this region.
MACHINESelect All (default) or the ID of a machine within your selected environment.
TYPESelect one of the following to view payloads for this machine type:

  • All (default)

  • Bare-metal

  • Cloud

If you specify a machine ID, select All or make sure you select the correct machine TYPE for your specified MACHINE ID. Otherwise, no payloads are shown.

After selecting the filter values, the Active Payloads section shows usage and performance metrics for active payloads that match your filter criteria. See View payload metrics for more information.

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