Manage a payload

You can manage a payload if you want to view detailed information about it and perform any actions such as restarting or deactivating it.

To manage a payload:

  1. On the zeuz control panel (ZCP), navigate to the Payloads page and click MANAGE beside a payload to open the Payload : Edit page.
  2. On the Payload : Edit page, you can view detailed payload information and also perform certain actions depending on the payload’s state.
  3. You can click PAYLOAD LOGS to open the Logs page for the payload. See the Logs page for more information.

The Payload : Edit page shows payload information in the following four regions:

  • Basic Information: Shows the IP address of the machine allocated to the payload, the payload status and port details.
  • Payload Definition: Shows the details that were used to create the payload, such as the Image and Command.
  • General: Shows IDs for the payload, machine, allocation and environment, and the region of the payload.
  • Payload Info: Shows performance and usage data for the payload. See View payload metrics for details.

The following image shows the options available on the Payload: Edit page for managing a payload.

1 - Restart an active payload.

2 - Reserve or unreserve a payload.

3 - Activate or deactivate a payload.

4 - View the payload’s performance logs.

The options available depend on the current state of your payload.

Image: Payload : Edit page.

The following table shows the options available on the Payload : Edit page menu for each payload state:

Available options:
Payload stateDeactivate / ActivateRestartReserve / Unreserve
Active and UnreservedDeactivateYesReserve
Active and ReservedNot availableYesUnreserve
Not activeActivateNot availableNot available

See the Payload states page for more information about each payload state.

Manage a payload using the zeuz API

You can also use the following zeuz API endpoints to change the state of a payload:

ActionAPI endpoint
Activate payloadpayload_resume
Remove payloadpayload_remove
Reserve payloadpayload_reserve
Unreserve payloadpayload_unreserve
Restart payloadpayload_restart

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