The zeuz base API uses the JSON-over-HTTP protocol.

Info: Do I need to use JSON-over-HTTP?

If you can use one of the wrappers provided in the SDK download or the SDK in Go, you don’t need to use JSON-over-HTTP to access the API. See the API introduction to check whether you can use one of these options, instead of accessing the zeuz base API directly.

You must access the zeuz base API directly if:

  • You develop your game in a language other than Unity, Unreal, or Go, or
  • You want to use the zeuz API to build tools around your game, for example to integrate your game into your CI/CD pipeline.

API authentication

If you want to access the zeuz base API directly, you must incorporate the authentication into your scripts. For more information, see:

API request format

Every API request must include the following fields:

SessionStringA unique value that identifies the session.
See Step 4 - Call the auth_login endpoint in the API login documentation for more information.
TimeTimestampA timestamp in zeuz format.
See Time handling for details.
ReqIDStringA random, client-created request ID. You combine the ReqID with the Time and the Session to create the SignHash.
See Sign-hash generation for details.
SignHashStringA hashed password you use to authenticate API requests until the session key expires (24 hours from the session key’s creation time).
DataObjectData object containing the API request details.

See the code snippet in Sign-hash generation for an example that sends a JSON packet to the auth_check endpoint that includes these fields.

API response format

API responses contain the following fields:

TimeTimestampA timestamp in zeuz format.
See Time handling for details.
ErrorStringError text.
DataObjectData object containing the response.

Error handling

The zeuz API returns custom error codes in the error field of the JSON response. Handle response data directly in your functions.

zeuz API endpoints return HTTP response status codes. See HTTP status code definitions for details.

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